My name is Etta, and I look forward to sharing my journey as I work towards a Master’s Degree (and PhD!) in Art History and Museum Curation. Despite currently pursuing a baccalaureate in Classical Languages, I find understanding global and historical artwork critical. Our modern world depends on visual literacy, due to the internet. Everything from advertisements to comic books to modern art today is interpreted through the lens of our visual history. The Classical world underpins many of these works up through the 20th century, and I look forward to using that knowledge to augment this study.

This blog will be an amalgamation of travelogue, personal journal, and research, with each post centered around the history of art. Once a month, I hope to work on a “Curation,” which would feature works to be included in a gallery opening focused on a particular topic of my choosing. I look forward to hearing from you about the works included here, as well as recommendations for topics and artworks.

Until we meet again!

Henriette Browne, “Young Girl Writing at Her Desk with Birds,” 1870-4. Oil painting. Victoria and Albert Museum.